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People who haven’t gone through the same things as you may never understand what it’s like to be you. And that’s okay. Many people ask for permission to make the next best move but are not willing to take it because of the fear to leave their comfort zone. This can be compared to the ‘Take massive action’ anecdote on our Goals & Aspirations page. People know what to do but end up not doing anything. 

There's always a next best move

Life is a chess board
Grandmasters beat their opponents by checkmate or make them run out of time. Either way, both parties are focused on making the next best move at all times. Blunders don’t lose a game, but they sure teach a lesson – don’t make that move again, or the game is lost.

The same goes with life. We make our own blunders, but that shouldn’t make us quit. Instead we shall consider them as lessons, deal with them, and turn a blunder into an opportunity.

Fear – False Events Appear Real
One of our favorite pieces from the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. FEAR = False Events Appear Real. The fear of negative outcomes by choosing a certain path is often supported by self-doubt and opinions given by others. If we could shift our mind towards gaining happiness instead of avoiding pain, we’d all be striving more for success.

Trying new things = New experience = Understood perception of things = Knowledge = Biggest asset of humankind. If we could turn fear into curiosity, more people would take action and actually live up to their potential.

Author's insights

Get Real-Life experience – Figure out what you’re good at. Real-Life experience is achieved by failing and winning. A major key is to gain the skill of distinguishing and accepting what we’re good AND not good at. Quitting something because it’s not the right fit is no big deal, quitting something and not evaluate the situation is. 

Deal with Losses – Grief is okay, but try your best to rebound quickly. The five stags of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) is what we go through when losing something that was once very true to us. Take those as opportunities to grow. If it’s a person, remember what that person’s truest value was and then live up to that value. Losses have the potential to change perspectives. Evaluate, challenge, and live up to them as good as you can.

Look for opportunities – If an opportunity is presented to you, take it and figure it out later, even if the skill is not there yet. Once declined an opportunity, it’s hard to get it back. Ask yourself whether you will be able to achieve that skill and turn it into a long-term asset. Never say no to something you can achieve with work. The start is always the hardest, but won’t be regretted. Don’t limit yourself on things you cannot do, yet!

Identify distractions – Oftentimes the truest distraction is right in front of you. The current circle of friends, night-outs, social media, video games, and more. If you want to achieve big things, cut them loose. Otherwise they will just keep you away from doing what you’re wanting to do. There is a saying that we’re the average of our five closest friends. If you’re surrounding yourself with five losers who don’t want to accomplish anything, well guess what. There are friends in life and there are friends for life, choose wisely.

Learn the value of money – The convenience of life that we take for granted makes us weak. One of the toughest things to do is to go broke for some time. Learn what it feels like to skip a meal or two a day, limit your phone use to 0, work 18 hour days, quit entertainment. Go through a stage like that where you genuinely have nothing but yourself and your ability to work. There are people out there doing all of the above every day, and they’re still grateful to be alive. Be appreciative of the things you have, preach them, pray for them, and understand what it takes to earn money.

Education is the Real Deal – Realizing this is a key to success. Not knowing something costs us money every day. Call it ‘ignorance tax‘ that we unconsciously pay by not knowing information. Money is everywhere and can be earned by performing and selling a skill. Education gets us there. Skip a movie and read a book, quit social media and develop a skill. Become better by learning how to get stuff done.

What it Comes Down to – Get comfortable being uncomfortable, make sacrifices, cut out all distractions, and leave your comfort zone over and over again. It’s not that we don’t have time to get things done. It’s how we allocate time. Figure out what you’re good at and scale the good stuff to a skill. Trade time for development, take risks, and let people get to know you. A skill alone doesn’t develop by itself. Once we acquire the taste of successfully developing a skill, it becomes addictive and hard to stop. 

Learn how to play chess in real life. Don’t make the same mistakes twice and don’t make excuses for anything. Identify your next best move because life hits in a different direction every day. Play the game till it’s checkmate.

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