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Goals & Aspirations

Just like personal finance, our goals and aspirations are based on our mindset and it’s a game we play that requires discipline, patience, and integrity. The goals and aspirations that we so preach and try to accomplish are a result of the work and time we put in along the way. That usually includes sacrifices and leaving things behind that we love. But those surely make us more experienced, knowledgeable, and more authentic as human beings.

The Finance Journalist believes that a goal is a dream with a plan. A dream will forever be a dream when there is no plan to get there. 

Take massive action

A goal is something we set for ourselves like a certain GPA, losing weight, or a certain amount of money saved up by the time we retire. Some actions may be studying x-amount of hours to get better grades, hitting the gym a few times a week, or save x-amount of money every month. What we lack is the action part. In theory that all sounds great, but what’s missing is determination and perseverance, two major components to successfully executing a plan. The ones who persevere and stay committed along the way will approach their goals sooner and will be more optimistic when setting new goals for themselves. 

Someone who’s still in school shouldn’t be thinking about how to get rich within the next year. This is the time where we can look at other businesses and identify how they make money. Usually they sell their skills and services that are unique. So, instead of pumping all the money into stupid stuff like designer clothes, take-out food, or nice cars, we should consider making a name for ourselves by learning new skills, by learning how to present ourselves, and by learning how to scale. It all comes down to the idea that we all want to be the person that we look up to but essentially what we actually want is being ourselves in their position. What distinguishes us from the ones we look up to is that they took action. They had a dream, set a goal, and executed a plan. They truly lived up to their potential and stayed relentless along the way.

Coming from 'nothing'

How many times have you heard famous people say that they came from nothing? Plenty of those we see on TV play professional sports. Others, like business owners, influence us through books or social media posts. The majority of those people started at 0 and worked their way up. They took risks, they made sacrifices, and devoted their time to the skills that have made them who they are today. They know what it takes to be completely focused on that specific skill that have made them great. What they have in common is that ‘never give up’ attitude. They’re players in the game because they’re committed to changing the world and the way people think.

The creators of this site certainly haven’t made it in life yet but what they do have a passion for development, the skill to create, to connect, and to persevere even when it gets tough. We utilize money as a tool to educate ourselves and trade time for creating content. That doesn’t make us rich but it makes us become extremely solid when having conversations with people we don’t know. Coming from nothing doesn’t automatically mean that people grew up in a shed deep down in the woods of Alaska. Coming from nothing means that people were desperate enough to achieve big time goals although they went through times in their lives when they just wanted to quit.

Grant Cardone

Mr. Cardone has made a huge impact on the content presented on this page. He’s one of author’s major role models for years and has an inspiring story. In this interview he talks about his profession in Real Estate and how he became the man he is today. A very informational yet emotional story about a guy who went from being a drug addict to becoming a multi-billion dollar investor. If you got some time, you should check it out.

Story Time: When rising mental health awareness came upon the United States within the last couple of years, we saw an opportunity to create a safe space for others at our school and implemented a project that will now last a lifetime. We were able to raise thousands of dollars to fund the project and created the new space at our college. This is not to brag, but while making goals for yourself, take a minute to see what you can do to help others that need something more than you do.

That is what entrepreneurs do. They identify a need for others and solve that problem by taking massive action. When there is a will there is a way and that goes with anything in this world. Learn how to get things done and develop skills that give you opportunities in the long run. Those will not only enhance your self-esteem but also benefit the people around you. That’s how we achieve the goals we set for ourselves. You got it!

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