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Meet the Team

Hey! My name is Kai and I’m the Founder of The Finance JournalistI’m a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln finishing up my degree in PGA Golf Management with a Minor in Business. With about half a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, trading portfolios, banking, coaching, and studying ideas from over 100 successful entrepreneurs worldwide, I’m committed to share valuable information about the business world especially regarding investment vehicles. This platform provides financial terms that you’ll be able to explain very soon. Stay true to yourself, always grasp for success, and live up to your potential!

Thanks for your support & welcome to The Finance Journalist. 
-Kai Nelles



‘I know that I know nothing.’ – Socrates

Education is the best investment we can make in ourselves. Growing up in one of Germany’s biggest cities, I’ve seen both sides of rich and poor. Oftentimes it lacks financial literacy. I want people to have access to financial content without taking a class, so that they understand what opportunities are out there. Having access to information is a skill, we just need to learn how to use it.